Voter Advocate (1992 - 2016)

The Keel: A large Group of Centrist Voters

Disenfranchised by the Two-Party System

"It is possible to have a moderate to liberal view on social issues and be a fiscal conservative at the same time." 


1992 Independent Candidate for U.S. Senate.

I have run for public office 9 times over the last 24 years. Click any picture to see the election flier or Voters' Pamphlet statement.


"I am not a Democrat.
I am an Independent.  ...  Did you know that an Independent candidate for governor rnust submit over 14,000 signatures to qualify for the ballot? ... I paid $100 to qualify for this election as a Democrat, and I did not collect a single signature." 

1994 Democratic Candidate.


"I am not a Republican either.
I am still an Independent. ...  Independent voters are forced to register as either moderate Democrats or Republicans to participate in a primary. About half register Republican and half register Democrat. As a result, moderate voters are outnumbered in both primaries." 

1996 Republican Candidate.


"I vote Democrat for governor and president, and I vote
Republican for US and Oregon House seats. ... This insures the two sides will block each other. The Democrats can't enact any new spending programs and they are stuck fixing the programs we already have. Republicans, On the other hand, cannot enact socially regressive legislation or gut our environmental laws." 

1998 Democratic Candidate.


"The election system in Oregon and across the nation is failing. Increasingly, the two-party primary system doesn't guarantee victory for the best candidates. The Republican primary in particular, is a killing field for electable Republicans." 

2000 Republican Candidate.


"The Supreme Court will eventually strike down partisan elections in Oregon because basic civil rights are violated. We can't have democracy without free elections and we don't have free elections in Oregon." 

2004 Democratic Candidate.


"In 1988, the Oregon Supreme Court ruled that candidates
for public office could be segregated by party affiliation, ... Even school children know - the "separate but equal doctrine" is a sham." 

2008 Democratic Candidate.


"Measure #65 is a "Trojan Horse"
But you should vote for it anyway.
The only way to permanently guarantee fair and open elections is to reverse the court rulings that upheld partisan elections in the first place." 

2008 Top Two Primary Initiative.


"This "private" Democratic primary is financed entirely with "public" money. Doesn't the Oregon Constitution require the same subsidy for all candidates?" 

2012 Democratic Candidate.


"Minority rights are enforced by our courts not by initiative petition, and the Secretary of State should represent all voters." 

2016 Independent Candidate.

(SoS Website)
Democrat:                 931,318
Republican:               694,589
Non-Affiliated:           429,758
Independent Party:      43,030

Total Voters:          2,154,288
Democrat:                 875,381
Republican:               686,789
Non-Affiliated:           496,305
Independent Party:      95,503

Total Voters:          2,212,592
Democrat:                 988,848
Republican:               716,953
Non-Affiliated:          686,985
Independent Party:   119,664

Total Voters:         2,577,717
Democrat:                 792,115
Republican:               641,914
Non-Affiliated:           280,814
Total Voters:          1,774,449
Democrat:                  786,990
Republican:               665,956
Non-Affiliated:           351,136
Total Voters:          1,832,774
Democrat:                  805,286
Republican:               714,548
Non-Affiliated:           400,248

Total Voters:          1,962,155
Democrat:                  791,970
Republican:                704,593
Non-Affiliated:           420,314
Total Voters:          1,965,981
Democrat:                 769,195
Republican:               699,179
Non-Affiliated:           428,406

Total Voters:          1,954,006
Democrat:                  829,193
Republican:                761,715
Non-Affiliated:           394,226
Total Voters:          2,141,243
Yes:                           553,640
No:                          1,070,580
Oregon Voter Registration
(Oregon Blue Book)

I'm not a politician, I'm an activist. An "activist" works to change the political environment so that 'politicians" feel compelled to react.